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PDF tool for Ebook Writers

Hey ebook writers. I’ve come across a really cool tool in the last couple days for manipulating pdf files. If you’re not already using CutePDF to render your Word documents into PDFs, I highly recommend it and it’s FREE. But you’ll also want to add this new tool to your writing arsenal. It’s called PDFSAM and I love it. Here’s why… Read more about merging multiple pdf files

Ebook Cover Design – DIY

Judge an Ebook Design by its Cover

bad ebook cover designIf you’re writing an ebook and look forward to the throngs of visitors dying for your information, why are you not getting your cover design done by a professional? I’m sorry. I’ve just seen so many god-awful ebook covers to let this one go. THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT! You’ve got to put your best design forward so people will have the slightest inkling of buying your product. Why would you give them any reason to question your ebook? ...More on Ebook Cover Design

How to Choose the best Ebook Cover Design

Take a minute to determine the kind of ebook you have written. It will play a role in the styling you want for your ebook, website images and your website itself. Read the rest of this entry »

Professional Ebook Cover Design

Put a Cover on your Ebook that will Increase your Sales exponentially


You’ve researched… you’ve written your ebook and now you need an imaging package, that not only reflects your hard work, but that will bring you some serious  sales. It goes without saying that we’re all attracted to the books with eye-catching design. Read the rest of this entry »

Wp Webmasters Price List

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