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Ebook Cover Design – DIY

Judge an Ebook Design by its Cover

bad ebook cover designIf you’re writing an ebook and look forward to the throngs of visitors dying for your information, why are you not getting your cover design done by a professional? I’m sorry. I’ve just seen so many god-awful ebook covers to let this one go. THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT! You’ve got to put your best design forward so people will have the slightest inkling of buying your product. Why would you give them any reason to question your ebook?

absolutely terrible designDo you know what I keep seeing? Ebook covers that look like pornography sites. Lots of black backgrounds, an abstract blue laser blaze, or some inter-stellar collage. It hurts my eyes. These books keep popping up, because rather than spend a few bucks to make their product look excellent, ebook writers are searching for “Ebook cover templates” and “ebook cover creator software“. Anything free will do. You can just pump out something using the built in color-schemes and text-styles the program provides. And you know what?…. Maybe you could. If you had an eye for design. Like my Dad has always said, “It’s false economy”.

You’re trading Sales for Cheap Design!

If someone charges you $100 to professionally design your ebook cover, and you get an amazing design, that is a bargain

What do you think the chances are you you selling more copies of you ebook?

Try 300% Increase Sales.

And all for the cost of the equivalent of 3-4 sales of your ebook. If that’s too much money, you’re not thinking big enough. I have said many times, There’s no substitute for a good designer. Websites, print ads, ebook covers… you remember the good ones, and immediately forget the bad. Check out a designer’s ebook cover samples and make decisions that will help you sell your book, not just save you money.

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