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Exclude Pages for WordPress Not Working

wordpress exclude page plugin not working

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We’ve noticed a recent rash of errors in the navigation bar of some of our websites. At first it looks like a pretty serious problem.
How on Earth am I going to fix this?“, you might ask. Maybe you’ve seen it too. This is what it looks like this.

Fear not intrepid WordPress user. There is a very simple fix to this error. Don’t write off the exclude pages plugin just yet. We’re huge fans. It may not be completely necessary once users move to WordPress 3.0, but for now it’s one of our faves.

The Easy Way

If your exclude pages plugin is not working, it’s likely just an update required to be compatible with the WordPress core updates. In most cases you can probably just go to your plugins page and click UPGRADE on the plugin. Your site will connect directly with and get the latest version.

The Almost-As-Easy Way

I’m an old fashioned guy. I do most uploads and upgrades via FTP. Here are the steps I took

  1. Downloaded the latest version of the exclude pages plugin from WordPress.Org. Unzipped the folder and save it to the WordPress Plugins folder on on my computer. I have a folder specifically for WordPress plugins so I always know where they are.
    fix the exclude pages plugin

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  2. Opened up my FTP (fireFTP for Firefox – highly recommended) to the site I needed to update. The path you’ll want is WP-Content/Plugins. In that directory you’ll see another folder titled exclude-pages
  3. Simply re-upload the entire exclude-pages folder. I didn’t even bother deactivating the plugin first. I’m that crazy!

Problemo Fixed-o!

In using an open-source software like WordPress¬† and the plugins out there, you may run into this kind of problem from time to time. Developers are always upgrading their work, WHICH IS AWESOME, but it can mean you have to take care of a few glitches along the way. Not to worry. Everyone goes through it.It’s usually as simple as upgrading plugins or upgrading the WordPress core.

Don’t forget, it’s not a bad idea to always backup your database. We’ve heard cool things about about a new plugin called BACKUP BUDDY. It’s a pay plugin, but some of the best ones are. We’ll check it out and let you know what we think.

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