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How to Choose the best Ebook Cover Design

Take a minute to determine the kind of ebook you have written. It will play a role in the styling you want for your ebook, website images and your website itself. The imagery with which you portray your book will have a factor in how they see it’s usefulness. Portfolios_02Hardcover books denote longer chapters and a more text book based product. A soft cover image may subconsciously trigger feelings of approachability. Or even that this book has been around for a while. While a spiral-bound book would depict a good handbook guide. Easy to flip through and find information at a glance.

packagedealsLook at your own bookshelf at home and see for yourself. Then determine how you want your ebook to be seen by your customers. The skilled design team at can offer suggestions, but you know your ebook best, and our goal is to work with your to achieve maximum sales.


Your ebook can be professionally designed into any one of a number of formats. With each format you will receive 3 web-optimized sizes of your image to use on your site
(75×75 px | 15ox150 px | 300×300px)

  • Hardcover

    We suggest using a hardcover ebook image on your website if you want to sihardcoverbook1-150x150portray specific qualities of your product.
    – This is a premium priced book.
    – This is a new ebook product
    – This e-book is written in a text book style format

Currently, there are two different styles we produce our hard cover e book images into

  • Softcover or Paperback

    coffeepaperback1-150x150We suggest the paperback ebook style if your ebook has the following qualities or you want to portray any of the following
    – This ebook is value priced
    – This ebook has longevity. It has a proven track record
    – This ebook is written in a more laid back style and perhaps lighter informational reading

Choose from 2 similar styles of soft cover ebook images.

  • Spiral bound or Coil Bound

    straighta-spiralbook-150x150This image denotes a pocketbook style book. Something that the reader would use as a kind of manual with easy to find, short-form pieces of information. We only suggest using this format if you want readers to thing the following about your book:

    – This book is value priced
    – This ebook is written in an indexable format with condensed instructions
    – This ebook is meant to be used as a manual as much as it’s meant to be read straight through

The spiral bound or Coilbound e book currently comes in one design

  • Magazine Style Ebook

    simagazine1-300x263Probably the lesser used of the ebook styled images. The magazine format indicates a more time-sensitive material and possibly less pages with more graphics. We would be more apt to suggest the magazine style for the following reasons
    – This e-magazine is a bonus offer to the main ebook
    – This e-magazine has an entertainment value with short burst of information
    – This e-magazine is only a portion of supplement to the main information

The Magazine style ebook (e-magazine) is currently produced in one design.

Ebook Cover Price: Any style ONLY $99

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