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WordCamp Victoria - May 15, 2010We’re getting pretty pumped for the upcoming WordCamp Victoria event on Vancouver Island. The Big Fella – Dave Pettitt is scheduled to speak on “Using WordPress for E-Commerce Websites”. With the onset of WordPress 3.0, and what will be one of our favourite new features, Custom Taxonomies, once only used by the more skilled of WordPress users, this may open up so many more avenues for the e-commerce WordPress users.

WordCamp can be an intimidating day for users and speakers alike. There are so many people, all with varying degrees of skill and knowledge. To surround yourself with mega-techies can be cause for WordPress Shrinkage. Feeling like you’re so far behind everyone else. The beauty of WordCamp is it’s welcoming environment. We’ve always found everyone wanting to be very helpful, if not show off their abilities a little. I think it’s great.  Don’t get me wrong. I know there will be people who are much more talented and WordPress-Savvy than I, but rather than be intimidated, I look at those folks with great respect. They are the people who are going to help me be better at what I do.

As much as I’m looking forward to sharing some experience and triumphs I’ve experienced using WordPress for Ecommerce, I’m looking forward to learning in an environment where everyone wants everyone else to succeed. Hope you’ll be there. Or look for a WordCamp near you.

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