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WordPress Hosting with a Difference

What makes WPWebmasters WordPress Hosting Different?

closedWhat are Concurrent Visitors?

What the larger hosting companies don’t tell you is, if you’re using a database-driven website (like WordPress) they limit the number of people that can connect to your site at any one time. Some as low as 20 visitors at a time. Some will give you 50. But let’s say you send out an email to your 1000 subscribers and they try to click through to your site and can’t get through because you’re at your quota, what are the chances you may have lost a sale? Do you want to take that chance?

satisfaction-guaranteedWith WPWebmasters hosting, we will NEVER put a limit on your concurrent visitors.

where-in-the-worldWhere your Database is Hosted?

Larger Hosting companies will also farm out your databases to other companies. It may look like you’re site is hosted with that company, but dig a little further and you’ll see your database, in other words, all the information in your website is hosted somewhere else. So now a visitor’s wait time is extended because your website has to access it’s information from another server, and hopefully that server isn’t too bogged down with the 100’s of other databases it’s accessing, and….. you get the point.

You’re database is where it belongs. Right on YOUR server. Not someone else’s.

Those 2 things alone make WPWebmasters Hosting more valuable than the rest. Of course we’ll also give everything else the big guys will. We know what it takes to host and run a successful WordPress Website, and we’ll do our best to ensure that you get the best hosting you can. We give you our word.

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