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Exclude Pages for WordPress Not Working

wordpress exclude page plugin not working

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We’ve noticed a recent rash of errors in the navigation bar of some of our websites. At first it looks like a pretty serious problem.
How on Earth am I going to fix this?“, you might ask. Maybe you’ve seen it too. This is what it looks like this.

Fear not intrepid WordPress user. There is a very simple fix to this error. Don’t write off the exclude pages plugin just yet. We’re huge fans. It may not be completely necessary once users move to WordPress 3.0, but for now it’s one of our faves. More about the Exclude Pages plugin

PDF tool for Ebook Writers

Hey ebook writers. I’ve come across a really cool tool in the last couple days for manipulating pdf files. If you’re not already using CutePDF to render your Word documents into PDFs, I highly recommend it and it’s FREE. But you’ll also want to add this new tool to your writing arsenal. It’s called PDFSAM and I love it. Here’s why… Read more about merging multiple pdf files

WordCamp Victoria Wrap-up

Hey everyone…

I wanted to say a quick thank-you to Paul Holmes and everyone for their hard work in putting on another successful WordCamp in Victoria yesterday. And for those of you who attended my session first thing in the morning. I hope you walked away with something.

We certainly appreciated the explanation of some of the new features of WordPress 3.0. Honestly… that is huge for business owners and people using WordPress as a CMS already.

Here are the slides from the presentation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Site Speed now a Google Ranking Factor

Selling a product online or just getting people to visit your site can be a challenge. We optimize our site for best keywords and phrases, but Google has a new expectation. You need to be faster. Read more about Website Speed

Wordcamp Victoria

WordCamp Victoria - May 15, 2010We’re getting pretty pumped for the upcoming WordCamp Victoria event on Vancouver Island. The Big Fella – Dave Pettitt is scheduled to speak on “Using WordPress for E-Commerce Websites”. With the onset of WordPress 3.0, and what will be one of our favourite new features, Custom Taxonomies, once only used by the more skilled of WordPress users, this may open up so many more avenues for the e-commerce WordPress users. More about WordCamp Victoria

WordPress Website Security – Vaultpress

wordpress website backup and security with VaultpressWe like to keep an eye on the blog of Matt Mullenweg’s, the big cheese at WordPress. And when they announced the development of something called VAULTPRESS, we got pretty excited. Vaultpress will  be a premium service offered by the AUTTOMATIC/WORDPRESS people to ensure your website or blog is always backed up and secure. Right now, it’s in it’s beta test stage and we’re hoping to get on the short list of testers. Read about Vaultpress

Ebook Cover Design – DIY

Judge an Ebook Design by its Cover

bad ebook cover designIf you’re writing an ebook and look forward to the throngs of visitors dying for your information, why are you not getting your cover design done by a professional? I’m sorry. I’ve just seen so many god-awful ebook covers to let this one go. THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT! You’ve got to put your best design forward so people will have the slightest inkling of buying your product. Why would you give them any reason to question your ebook? ...More on Ebook Cover Design

Best Social Media Plugins

wordpress plugins to use for social mediaIt’s funny… as I was sitting down to write this article, my wife skyped me a preview of a page from one our sites. She had installed a social media plugin that I had written off for anything other than blogs. I guess it has been a few months since I had looked at it and there have been some vast improvements. Either that, or I missed some of the details the first time around. What?….That’s never happened before. Read more about our favorite Social Media Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Hosting with a Difference

What makes WPWebmasters WordPress Hosting Different?

closedWhat are Concurrent Visitors?

What the larger hosting companies don’t tell you is, if you’re using a database-driven website (like WordPress) they limit the number of people that can connect to your site at any one time. Some as low as 20 visitors at a time. Some will give you 50. But let’s say you send out an email to your 1000 subscribers and they try to click through to your site and can’t get through because you’re at your quota, what are the chances you may have lost a sale? Do you want to take that chance? Learn more about concurrent visitor and what makes good hosting

Why Build a Website with WordPress

Why Build A site with WordPress?

Because it’s the most powerful web-publishing tool available

WordPress makes it easy to add or change the content of your website. Plus everything is automatic. When you publish a new article, it updates the rest of your site. If you want to change some of the information on one of your pages, it’s as simple as accessing your WordPress Editor, making the change and pressing “Update”. Read the rest of this entry »

Wp Webmasters Price List

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